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How to become a Certified Nurse Aide


The Wings Nurse Aide Training Program

  1. After you are hired for a position at Cedarcrest, we will send you to the Wings Program for training.
  2. The Wings Nurse Aide Training Program is a total of 120 days. During that time period, you will attend the following: Initial Classroom Training (2 days); Clinical Training at Cedarcrest (116 days); End of classroom training (2 days); Test day (no pay for this day, 1 day.)
  3. You will be paid a minimum wage to attend classroom training. During the clinical or on-the-floor training, you will be paid $7.50. After you complete the training program, pay is negotiable based on skills acquired and attendance.
  4. You must maintain full-time work status at Cedarcrest to remain in the Wings Nurse Aide Training Program.
  5. Location of training: 204 S. Elm Place, Broken Arrow, OK. Phone – 258-3676. Wings are located on Elm Street between 71st and 81st.
  6. Wings initial classroom training starts every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 am – 4: 00 pm
  7. You will need to bring a pen, pencil, paper, a watch (with a second hand.) You cannot bring anyone with you to your training. Clothing must be clean, fit properly and free from stains. Shoes must be worn, no sandals or thongs.
  8. After you attend your initial classroom training on Wednesday and Thursday, you will come to Cedarcrest to pick up your new work schedule.
  9. You will be rescheduled the first weekend after your training. Make arrangements in advance for this type of schedule. If you cannot work weekends, you do not need to enter the Wings program.
  10. Benefits: After you have been employed for 2 months at full-time status, you will be eligible for the OEPIC Blue Cross Blue Shield program. This is a wonderful program offered by Cedarcrest and the State of Oklahoma. The employee only pays for 15% and the employer and State pay the remaining 85%.

As jobs become available, we will post them on this page. You may use the Application for Employment form to apply for any job. We thank you in advance for your interest in becoming part of our growing team of professionals.